Sorry, Lompoc RV Rentals is closed
for winter cleaning & repairs.
See you in the spring!
Trailer rentals & services are provided
by Lompoc RV Rentals. Please review
"about the park" for park fees and
general park information

Excellent availability! Call (805) 291-9652.
Reservations require a minimum 24 hour advance notice. Trailer
rental does not include a campsite or campsite fees.

Current Rental Rates
All rates are based on a two day minimum stay, and do not include
"delivery and setup", or camping fees.
24’ trailers        $69.00 per day
31’ trailers        $85.00 per day

Current Delivery and Setup charges to Jalama Beach County
Beach Park...   $150.00
Delivery and setup charge includes; trailer delivered and leveled in your campsite, fully
serviced with full propane and water tanks, empty/treated holding tanks, and batteries
fully charged. Also includes pickup and normal cleaning.

Payment information: All reservations require payment of rental
fees and applicable taxes with reservation. We will also
"authorize" your security deposit of $400.00 to your credit card
with your reservation. Fees may be paid by American Express,
MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

Cancellation Charges:
All cancellations must be submitted in
writing to:
Lompoc RV Rentals
1201 E Ocean Avenue (Ste L)
Lompoc CA  93436.
Cancellations more than 30 days in advance will be refunded 50%
of the rental fees, plus applicable taxes. Cancellations with less
than 30 days notice will forfeit all rental charges and applicable

Changes: No refunds for leaving early.

Delivery /Setup: Delivery and setup must be scheduled a minimum
24 hours in advance. Delivery time is subject to the availability of
the campsite you have chosen, and might not occur until mid-
afternoon when campsites become available. Renter must provide
proof of payment for campsite.

Check Out Time: 12:00 p.m. (noon). Renter agrees to pay a late
charge of $75 per hour for every 1 hour period after 12:00p.m.,
with a 1 hour minimum and up to a maximum of $500.00 per day,
if the trailer is not ready and available to tow at end of
scheduled reservation. If you check out late and delay the arrival
or causes cancellation of the next renter, then you the current
renter, are responsible for any inconvenience expenses and/or
loss of revenue. Any extensions of rental dates must be pre-

Smoking and Pet Policy: No Smoking allowed in any trailer. Pets
are allowed. If the trailer is returned with smoke, pet hair or pet
odor, additional cleaning charges @ $40.00 per hour will apply.

Campsites without electrical hookups or “Dry Camping”: When
"Dry Camping" (not connected to an external power source),
problems with appliances and trailer systems can easily occur due
to a low battery status. Lompoc RV Rentals is not responsible for
any malfunctions of the vehicle whatsoever, due to dry camping.
NO reimbursements will be given for "Dry Camping Malfunctions".
All units have solar panels and dual battery systems, with propane
powered refrigerators, freezers and cooking. Electrical hookups
(not available at all sites) are required to operate 120volt devices
like the television/dvd players, microwave ovens, etc..

Appliances: The A/C, Radio, Microwave etc. are convenience
items. If any malfunctions should occur with any of these items,
no compensation will be made to the renter.

Also, very important...campsites do not have water or
sewer hookups
, so water and restroom use in trailers is limited
to water on board.  You are encouraged to use the clean, modern
facilities available in the park. Water services @ $75.00 per
service are usually available with reasonable notice.
    please call (805) 291-9652.